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Pirin National Park in Bulgaria still treasuring awards worldwide, It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1983 (is 1 of the 10 places recognized by the UNESCO in Bulgaria) and recently, in 2015, Pirin National Park in Bulgaria was included in the ranking of the prestigious newspaper “The Guardian” as one of the 10 most beautiful national parks, yet not so popular, Of Europe, which helps make visiting it a “adventure experience” while enjoying Nature. It has also awarded fourth place among the most beautiful national parks in the world.

Also the international publishing company “Condé Nast”, known for its editions The New Yorker, Vogue, Wire, etc., He said Pirin National Park is one of the most beautiful natural parks in the world, and "that everyone should see before you die".
Pirin about the editorial says on its website that stands out for its rich variety of plants and rare species, even you have to descend from that thrived on its rocky slopes back in the Pleistocene era (between AGO 1,8 million even before 11.500 years)
Pirin National Park is best known for the 70 glacial lakes, but also it can be seen a variety of wild animals such as wolves, Bears, owls, Woodpeckers, etc., - indicates the Website of “Condé Nast”.

pirin 7


But let's give these mountains sheet: Pirin Mountains are a mountain range in southwestern Bulgaria, Vihren being the highest peak 2.914 meters, located at 41 ° 45'50 "N 23 ° 25'30" E / 41.76389, 23.425. The ridge extends around 40 km northwest-southeast, and about 25 km wide. Its extension is 2.585 km².
For many tourists it is the most majestic Pirin mountain and at the same time feared. It is the second highest mountain in Bulgaria thanks to its peak Vihren (2.914 m) and the third highest mountain in the Balkan Peninsula: Olympo in Greece is the second and the Rila Mountain, Also in Bulgaria (pico Musala 2.925 meters) the highest.

kontcheto-5 pirin

Pico Kutelo 2.904 meters, accessible on foot without climbing, and in the background Vihren peak 2.914 meters


Since many years, people have looked with admiration and respect for Pirin. According to Slavic mythology, the god Perun lived there. A petulant god, with too cranky, whose main occupation was to be angry with the human race, throwing thunder above the Earth and people. Hence, some Slavic tribes called Perun and now Pirin. The Thracian (pobladora ancient tribe of the current Bulgaria) in his time, They called Pirin mountain Orbelus (or Orbel in Spanish - mountain snow). In Bulgaria traditionally it considered the name Pirin comes mainly from god Perun. According to the interpretation of Academician Vladimir Georgiev, however the name Pirin comes from the Thracian word "perintos" meaning rock, and the Hittite word "perunash." However, historical information about the Hittites is too scarce and it is not certain that they had something to do with Pirin so we rather lean towards their Thracian origin.



The Pirin Mountain is sparsely populated. The settlements are concentrated mainly in the valleys of the Struma and Mesta River. More developed cities and villages, villages and famous are Razlog, Bansko, Dobrinishte, Breznitsa, Gotse Delchev, Melnik, Sandanski, Brezhani and other.
Meanwhile Pirin National Park rises over a significant part of the Pirin Mountains. Historically borders, administration and management of the park has undergone many changes. The area is 40.332,4 ha, including the parties more altasdesde 1.008 until the 2.914 meters : Demyanishki areas and Vihren. It is an exclusive property of the State, not private and is bordered by seven municipalities: Blagoevgrad, Gotse Delchev, Bansko, reason, Simitli, Kresna, Strumyani y Sandanski. The park also includes two nature reserves:
1) Reserve "Dupki - Dzhindzhiritsa" is one of the oldest reserves in Bulgaria. It was established in 1934, nothing less, to preserve natural primeval forests of black spruce and white, and the wide variety of plant and animal species. In 1977 It was declared a biosphere reserve program "Man and Biosphere".
2) Reserve "Ulen" was declared in the year 1994. It is characterized by a varied forest, subalpine and alpine ecosystems, and the beauty of all forms typical of the Alpine area.

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Because of its unique natural composition, in 1983 Pirin National Park World Heritage declared as a natural and cultural heritage of UNESCO.
The landscape and the surface of the park is definitely alpine character. There is more of 80 peaks with a height of more than 2.500 meters. The result of glaciation internal cooling continuum has left permanent marks on the face of the mountain. Under the influence of processes and glatsiogenicos geocrinogenicos conical caps are formed and chopped, steep and vertical slopes, grooves, caves and its funds and terraces circus Pirin lakes are located, which they are the source of mighty rivers and waterfalls.

Botanically Pirin National Park is one of the most interesting areas, can be observed a 1.300 plant species within the park. In addition they have cataloged a 300 species of fungi and algae lot. To differ 3 vegetation belts in the park along the height: wooded (silver fir, piceas, Scots pine, etc), subalpine and alpine. The park is home to many species of endemic plants (214 species) and many other protected, and Edelweiss, which it is also the symbol of Pirin. The total number of protected species is 60. Anecdotally mention that inside the park pine is “Ba ykusheva Myrrh” which is the oldest tree in Bulgaria with more than 1.300 year old.

Pirin edelweiss

Oso pardo








Regarding the number of wildlife species of birds that can be seen in Pirin is 160, nothing less. There's also 45 mammal species living in these mountains, as the Wild Goat, the wolf or grizzly bear.

There is no other mountain in Bulgaria with such influence over humans as Pirin, giant peaks (50 of them over 2.500 meters), circuses (35 between large and small), the emerald waters of the lakes (180 lagos), the star-shaped flowers of Edelweiss, the wind rustling through the fir trees and the sound of water flowing through its rivers They make unforgettable experience of visiting Pirin….


pirin 12 Pirin National Park

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