The Petrified Forest of the Rhodope Mountains is a unique natural phenomenon in the world, certainly in many parts of the world there petrified forests or “fossil forests” Similar, but the petrified forest of Rhodope Mountains is the only one in which the trees are still standing, in its original vertical position, like millions of years ago, indeed it has 30 million years said soon…


Petrified Forest landscape in the Rhodope mountain


Mosque Momchilgrad



The natural phenomenon is located near the village of Raven, near the towns of Momchilgrad and Kardzhali. Not to be confused with “Stone Forest” which it is located near the Bulgarian city of Varna although it has the name “forest” really are not petrified trees but rock and sand formations shaped vertical cylinder. The real Petrified Forest we are talking about is in this region of Kardzhali, a few kilometers by road past the village of Raven must take a path that leads to this natural phenomenon, but it is difficult to find and if you do not have the help of a guide or local people is easy to go unnoticed among the rest of the forest.




Petrified trees are not grouped but must be sought apart on both sides of the trail for a few 200 meters. He “fossil forest” It consists of about twenty copies, with a height of 1-1,5 meters and a trunk diameter of 40 a 60 centimeters. There are more spectacular than others as the case of two specimens of trees whose diameter is approximately 4 meters and the height is 1 metro. In the cross section of the petrified logs, annual circles are clearly visible. To catch a glimpse of the larger specimens to do a bit of scale for a steep slope.



bosque petrificado

View of the rings of the trunk of a petrified trees


The origin of the Petrified Forest of the Rhodope Mountains has a scientific theory to explain. According to which the trees are part of a forest that disappeared a million years ago, I was on the shore of an ancient sea. In a volcanic eruption, high temperature carbonized trees. Later, the area was flooded and the water carrying substance stony filled micro-cavities logs burned, turning them into petrified trees.
Unfortunately the Petrified Forest Rhodope Mountains gradually crumbles, partly due to the climatic conditions to which it is exposed and partly to tourists unscrupulous they decide to break this protected natural phenomenon and take a piece of rock as a souvenir, if the theft is detected at the airport or by forest guards will be fined but unfortunately the place is not guarded 24 hours.


original state of one of the petrified logs

Trunk state after the pillaging of tourists










The magical nature of this place, combining the pine forest “alive” and the distant past petrified, is incredible. Nature here joins past and presente.En this place you can feel the power of nature and at the same time the weakness of human beings. In addition to the magnificent atmosphere, at the end of the trail that crosses “Fossil forest” There is also a small but extremely beautiful waterfall worth a visit, so the hiking route that we offer is very complete, both instructive and exciting.


Rise to the largest petrified specimens


For lovers of archeology and photography area is a privileged destination, in the region of Kardzhali where the petrified forest is there are other natural phenomena such as rocks “Large and small cauldron” and historical sites such as the Thracian sanctuaries “Harman Kaya” Y “Tatul”, the latter is known as the “Sanctuary of Orpheus” because although Orfeo is known by Greek mythology however has its origins in these Bulgarian lands where myth and reality mix… and there is much to investigate and discover… Discover the hidden Europe, Discover Bulgaria with us…


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