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Currently in Spain it is developing a passion for mountain biking, which has great advantages such as making it more affordable to buy bicycles MTB, accessories and repairs to public, amateur clubs form, MTB culture increases, etc… but some drawbacks such as the massification of recreational areas where you can make mountain biking.
The solution: viajar a Bulgaria…, perhaps not to be had raised but why not make your passion weekend a chance to enjoy a different vacation with your friends and knowing another country?…. To do Bulgaria offers excellent conditions, It has a series of "bike parks" that are specially equipped circuits and paths for cycling through forests and green areas of great beauty, have areas equipped to make the most cyclists as cambers, jumps, wooden bridges, roderas, rivers, etc….. In fact in some of these bike parks they have been held European Championships in mountain bike, the last was in 2013 en el Bike Park de “Pamporovo”, You can find it in "youtube".

But you need not be a professional to enjoy these nature trails, day no official races entering these parks is free on a daily rate which is included in the price of our trips. In we pick you up at the airport upon arrival in Sofia, we take you to the hotel along with your companions, I moved to the park and we provide bicycles and other accessories so you can enjoy your passion in a unique setting. Apart from your arrival you will be accompanied by one of our guides / translators to provide you the most of the stay and all the logistics.

senda bike parkThe best of this proposal are the facilities and environment of these parks, in Spain they are few but are small, with repetitive paths and semi-desert landscape is compared with the evergreen Bulgaria, after 1 when you are bored of seeing the same… Bulgaria leverage the facilities of the ski resorts, but from melting mountain biking here is the beautiful game. Sales del hotel, MTB rental bikes we provide await you at the door, at the station you take a chairlift in which you can load the bike and that will take you directly to the highest point of the circuit, once there the adventure begins, for example, a downhill descent or speed that will make the adrenaline like never before. At the station you meet other MTB enthusiasts from various countries without having to wait in long lines or crowds and all in an atmosphere of camaraderie and unparalleled fun. You can view this video or others who are in youtube so you know what you're missing by not traveling to Bulgaria.
senda borovetsWe will recommend the Bike Park “Borovets” which it is a ski resort in winter but the rest of the year is available to cyclists. As you can imagine the landscapes that surround it are alpine and preserve greenery and freshness even in summer.
The bike park in Borovets is Bulgaria's most famous (although there are others like Pamporovo, Shambala, Sopot,…). You reach it after only 72 km from the capital: Sofia. It is located on the northern slopes of the Rila mountains at an altitude of 1.350 meters. The station enjoys a unique location directly opposite peak Musala (2.925 meters) that is the highest in the Balkans. It is a new park, from 2010, which it has more than 20 km long distributed their 11 marked paths and trails multitude of alternatives:

Difficulty level

Number of marked trails

Percentage of total km














The conditions of mountain bike that can be done at this station are 3: cross country, downhill y free ride, to explain briefly the profane:

Cross country (XC): Routes through undulating tracks and paths with ascents and descents. The distance factor is usually a priority on the technical difficulty.
The bikes "XC" only have front suspension (Hardtail) and its route goes 60 a 100 mm. The weight is usually between 9 Y 12 depending on the quality kilos. It seeks lightness and comfort.
Downhill (DH): It involves making only decreases. Fans with their mountain bikes are taken with chairlifts or cable cars to the top or highest point of the route. From there they go down as fast as possible.
DH bikes are specifically designed for this purpose and have virtually no other use. Obviously they have full suspension and its length ranges between 170 Y 250 mm. The weight of the bicycle may vary among 15 Y 20 kg.
Free ride (FR): It involves declines, jumps, falls, Technical areas, whether natural or man-made. It is what we call enduro. Technically demanding, this specialty tests the ability of the rider.
The FR-suspension bikes have a length ranging from 150 a 200 mm. These bikes are designed to receive large impacts and weigh between 13 Y 18 kg. They are not intended to climb very steep slopes or make long stages.

In case of Borovets the star is the Downhill with 2,400 meters long and 430 meters of descent (you go from 1.780 a 1.350 meters). In only 12 minute chair lift will take you and your MTB to the highest point. Once you go down with your bike to the station, You can re-take the chairlift and repeat the course as often want to improve your time or walk down a different path through the various options that you have marked paths. In addition the park also wants to host families and it has implemented a tour 14 km accessible for all ages, including children. Bring a 2 hours cross it through some of the most beautiful forest landscapes station. This is the general view of the base station and the plane trails.

station Borovets









Trust us and we will prepare unforgettable days of mountain bike with the advantage that you can add cultural visits or other adventure sports on your trip, Tell us what you like and we will make a proposal for trip 100% to your needs. Besides visiting a park bike routes also we make multi-day cycling through the mountains and the traditional villages of Bulgaria for you to discover a traditional way of life and forgotten in Spain, natural and without preservatives or artificial colors…

Then be sure to check two spectacular videos recorded in the Bike Park in Borovets, one short 4 minutes with a downhill through one of the paths and one longer 12 showing the great atmosphere created around the resort of Borovets:


If you liked what you've seen, you can also experience it in person, email us and we will gladly prepare a mountain bike ride for you and your friends who never will forget…

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