Varna is the third largest city in Bulgaria after Sofia and Plovdiv, its population is is 335.000 people. Varna and its surroundings are considered a resort first class on the Black Sea coast, both beach tourism and cultural tourism, so it is known as the capital of the coast of the Black Sea. It has an international airport that serves direct flights to UK, Germany, France, Denmark and other countries. If traveling from Spain can change at Sofia Airport or make the journey by road between Sofia and Varna which is 440 kilometers.



Aerial view of Varna


Varna's history goes back centuries. It was founded by Greek immigrants in the seventh century BC, that called Odesos. In the fourth century BC. the city was conquered by Alexander of Macedonia (Alexander the Great), and in 15 AD became part of the Roman Empire. He was named Varna in the ninth century. In medieval times Varna became a very prominent mall, who led trade with Genoa, Venice and Dubrovnik. Tourism development in the twentieth century to Varna became one of the favorite vacation spots for Bulgarian and foreign tourists.

Varna has a variety of cultural attractions, historical buildings, museums, parks and recreation areas. Among the attractions include a visit to the ruins of the Roman baths, these baths were built in the late second century AD and is the fourth largest preserved Roman baths in Europe and the largest in the Balkans.


Roman baths Varna

Footbridge over the Roman Baths in Varna.


Varna underground hot springs and the Romans are, both appreciated the water to Varna extolled as one of its most important cities of the Empire. Even today anyone can give natural hot spring baths in different parts of the area, for example on the beach in Varna is a small pool of natural hot water outdoors, much appreciated by the older inhabitants of the city who use it daily for its healing effects. But if you want to enjoy the hot springs more exclusivity there are also several luxury spas that use this natural hot spring water for outdoor pools and decks (Contact us for more information).

It is also famous golden treasure of Varna, a set of Thracian jewelry dating from 4600 a. C. which it was discovered in a necropolis and exhibited in the Archaeological Museum in Varna with objects from the Greek era, Roman and Ottoman. Find out who were the Thracians here. There are many other museums in the city, including an ethnographic museum with an interesting display of costumes and jewels, the naval museum or natural history museum dedicated to the flora and coastal fauna.

Varna beach is frequented by city dwellers and visitors, It has a length, more of 2 kilometers, It is of fine white sand and the water has the typical greenish color Black Sea. It is also a little salt and water temperature similar to the Mediterranean Sea, ideal for swimming.

The beach is separated from the city by a green stripe forming “Parque Coastal” also know as “Sea Garden”. It is the largest park in Varna and it is the largest landscaped park in the Balkan Peninsula. It lies parallel to the coast by separating the town from the beaches, It has huge specimens of trees and manicured flower gardens, It is the main place of recreation for local families throughout the year.


parque varna

Parque de Coastal Varna


Within this huge park are two tourist attractions: a dolphinarium and a naval museum. Naval Museum in Varna is real boats found, helicopters, old weaponry and naval machinery components, Here you can visit inside a torpedo boat 1904 who participated in the Balkan war against Turkey in 1913, and also in World War I and II.


Torpedo boat in the Naval Museum


Varna has everything to become a famous resort town, has a long beach lined terraces and fancy restaurants, many of which are built on beach sand and high terraces whose proximity to the sea makes you feel you're on a boat, views of the city and the sea from these restaurants and cafes is spectacular. These same premises are the favorite place of young people, and not so young, Varna to seek nightlife… Summer people from all over the country goes to Varna looking for this type of nightlife… but as we said before, Separate living this area to the rest of the city by the Park Varna, City residents are not bothered by the music of these local…


playa de varna

Beach bars and terraces


But Varna is alive throughout the year because when beach tourism goes, is tourism resorts, casinos and businesses that make Varna a city with more foreign visitors to the country considering it is not a very big city compared to Sofia,, nor it is still as famous as Plovdiv…

And there's only interesting things in the city, on the outskirts of Varna they can make short trips very interesting day, us from we recommend the following, Heading north along the coast you can find them in this order:

  • Beaches of St. Constantine and Elena, which is the name the neighboring district of Varna. It really is a holiday resort, a classic Black Sea with several parks, large hotels, small bays and beaches in natural hot springs that prey on their spas.


  • Aladzha Monastery. Past St. Constantine and Helena, and into, It is the picturesque Orthodox monastery Aladzha, it is very interesting to visit because it is an ancient rock monastery, digging for centuries in a limestone wall nearly 40 meters high. It was inhabited by hermits monks during centuries XIII-XIV. Has several levels and corridors dug into the rock, to which visitors can access by some external stairs. Next to the monastery you can use the visit to stroll through the center of the Natural Park “Golden Sands”, an area protected rare species of trees that operates as a forest botanical garden. The beautiful nature surrounding the Monastery, combined with its picturesque location on the rock, They make Aladzha Monastery a place of great interest for cultural tourism, ecological and worship.


Subida al Monasterio de Aladzhá

Up to the Monastery Aladzha


  • Albena beach. The population of Albena a seaside resort with a long tourist path. In our opinion it is the best beach on the Black Sea Coast. It's a beach 5 kilometers long and 150 meters wide, few beaches of the Black Sea have these figures. Moreover the sand is fine white, and the waters are clean and shallow, ideal for children. It is a holiday resort hotels of all categories, but dominated by luxury hotels 4**** Y 5***** in solitary “All inclusive”. It is also located within the complex of Albena one of the largest water parks in the country and other attractions for family leisure. Albena is one of the safest vacation spots in the country, the entrance and exit to the complex is through a security checkpoint guarded confidence which provides visitors with greater purchasing power, many of them of Russian origin, Ukrainian and German, and of course the Bulgarian elite…


Playa de Albena

Albena beach


  • Royal Palace and Botanical Gardens of Balchik. The palace is the former summer residence of the Romanian Queen Maria Alexandrina Victoria de Edinburgh (1875-1938). It lies in a picturesque location on rocks with stunning sea views. In the botanical garden you can see examples of various tree species, flowers and there is a covered pavilion type acclimatized for cactus species.


Balchik Botanical Garden

Balchik Botanical Garden


  • Reserva Natural de Kamchia. protected area of ​​the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast where you see curious landscapes of rocks by the sea. It is also a privileged place for bird lovers, because it is a transit and stopping of various birds in their migrations and therefore ideal location for sighting.

For more information about the city of Varna and its surroundings contact us, we can offer tourist services to your needs in this area or in the rest of Bulgaria. Contact us at:

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