Rila Monastery in Bulgaria

28 February, 2019

  Rila Monastery in Bulgaria is within the National Park Rila . It is in a mountainous area 1.150 meters, in fact the monastery walls are surrounded by wooded hills, multicolored green in summer and when they fall colors. It is distant from Sofia, the capital of […]

Why travel to Bulgaria ?

22 February, 2019

  The first time I traveled to Bulgaria, some years ago, I knew that first trip would not be enough and would return. Why travel to Bulgaria ?: because I love this kind of countries that are not crowded with tourists. In Bulgaria local people treat you as a “Foreign” […]

What to see in Bulgaria 12 days ?

21 February, 2019

  If you are thinking of traveling to Bulgaria soon, and you have many references about what to see in Bulgaria , here we'll travel our proposal. And please note that we offer a tour of “hotel + rental car + practical guide in a .pdf file with the itinerary and […]

Buzludzha : The monument shaped UFO

19 February, 2019

  “Buzludzha“ After this strange name hides among the mountains of the geographical center of Bulgaria a monumental building built to praise the pro-Soviet Communism which at the time controlled in the country. We speak of the year 1981, that was when it opened (see the next picture of the event) after 7 Construction years by almost 6.000 […]

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