Hiking trail in Georgia – the best of the Caucasus

29 January, 2019

Introduction. Transcaucasian hiking route “the Transcaucasian Trail (TCT)” It is the only route long-distance hiking in the mountains of the Caucasus, connects the Caspian Sea with the Black Sea. It is a route with fascinating landscapes with views of peaks over 5.000 meters, rivers, waterfalls and through dense forests and villages […]

The descent into the underworld of Orpheus and Eurydice

22 January, 2019

The descent into the underworld of Orpheus and Eurícide. Orpheus and Eurícide : Who were? … According to the myth of Orpheus, this was the best singer, poet and musician of antiquity. His father was the Thracian god of rivers: Eagro, and ruler of Hemus (central region of the current Bulgaria), and his mother, […]

Hiking in Svaneti (Trekking Mestia – Ushguli)

11 January, 2019

  Meet our travel program for hiking in Svaneti (Georgia) with Spanish-speaking local guide on our website: “Hiking trails in Georgia“. But in this article we present you an overview of what you'll find hiking trail in Svaneti (Trekking Mestia-Ushguli). The Greater Caucasus is an authentic alpine wall […]

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