Climbing on the island of Sardinia

25 September, 2014

Today we will discuss a perfect Mediterranean destination for climbing enthusiasts. Sardinia should be known as an ideal destination for rock climbing, I have a rocky interior, wild and spectacular , besides having an amazing coast where relax after […]

Bulgaria landscape

Recommended hiking route Balkan countries

15 September, 2014

Since we propose the following hiking trail through Europe: The Walking Balkans, that will delight the more adventurous hikers. During our trip we will know the most unexplored corners of the imposing mountain ranges in the Balkans. We will visit two of the Balkan countries par excellence, Bulgaria and Romania also discovering […]

MTB en los bike parks de Bulgaria

8 September, 2014

Currently in Spain it is developing a passion for mountain biking, which has great advantages such as making it more affordable to buy bicycles MTB, accessories and repairs to public, amateur clubs form, MTB culture increases, etc… but some drawbacks such as overcrowding […]

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