Canyoning make Bulgaria

21 July, 2014

This time we will talk about another idea to practice sport in Bulgaria, canyoning. Canyoning is a sport of brave practiced in the ravines and canyons to the river forms in its wake. The routes are varied, we can have tours with waterfalls and steep drops, other with puddles and pools […]

"Prohodna" : The cave of "Eye of God"

18 July, 2014

Then you're going to discover one of the many natural phenomena that can be found in Bulgaria, this is the cave of the "Eye of God" to which the Bulgarians call "Prohodna" and besides having an aesthetic and special attraction, It is an ideal tourist destination […]

Devin (Bulgaria), spa town and the cradle of civilizations

9 July, 2014

The town of Devin is a good place as a base point for our adventure trip to the region of the Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria. It is located 190 km from the capital Sofia, and only 90 km from the city of Plovdiv. It has a 7.000 inhabitants and is located in the […]

Necessary for hiking and mountaineering equipment

1 July, 2014

Hiking, and mountaineering from which this modality, They are increasingly popular sports. In both cases, We can define it as a long hike or nature walk in an environment uncivilized. When we talk about climbing the environment it becomes wilder yet, far from civilization and inhospitable. The goal of […]

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