Improvements hiking trails in Spain

20 June, 2014

If you like hiking but do not yet dare to international trails that offer, here are some ideas of places you near from where you can enjoy nature doing your favorite sport. Coming up next 7 places to spend a weekend hiking / trekking and other sports […]

Hiking in the Balkans

11 June, 2014

Slovenia is green in almost all directions and has a number of trails that leave even the major cities. The variety of courses is important and cater to all audiences, from short walks along the valleys and hills, a very difficult trails in the high mountains, […]

The best trip of my life ornitologico: por Bulgaria

3 June, 2014

In the next few lines I describe an ornithological and photographic journey I made this spring during 15 days, exploring some of the prettiest, and rich in birds, landscapes of Europe, particularly along the coast of the Black Sea, Rhodope Mountains, Vitosha and the Central Balkan, all belonging […]

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